Creepy Crawlie Pets!

I knew having children would bring on challenges.  I just didn't know all of the different kinds of challenges they would bring.
Digging for Worms

Lately, one of my challenges is keeping my home free of creepy crawlies!  Tyce is obsessed with them!  Grasshoppers, worms, ants - they are all his beloved pets!  He carries them around, names them, and has people pet them!

The other day he walked around inside with a grasshopper perched on his arm like it was a bird.  He named it Dylan and played with it until its leg broke off.  This didn't really phase Tyce as he thinks dead things are fun pets too!

Hi "pet" frog
Looking at the snakes at the zoo - so so exciting!!!

Tyce held a bearded dragon at the Pet Expo

A Snake!!
I do have to draw the line at some of the creepy crawlies however!  Snakes are the line!  Tyce adores them and would cuddle them in his bed, but Mom gets the hibi jibis!  I even go as far as checking my bed before getting into it at night after a snake has been found.  You never know if a particular pet gets smuggled through our doors!  I'm just anticipating the day I walk into a room and find a "pet" coiled in the middle!  That will be the day I have to put my house up for sale!

Don't you think getting a cute dog will cure Tyce of his "pet" obsession?  So far I can't convince Ry, but he's not the one finding grasshoppers in the sink, caterpillars in the washing machine, and worms in his shoes!
Sooo Excited at the zoo!!!


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