This Makes Me MAD!!

I watched the Today Show the other morning and caught a story that just kills me!

It is about a man (a really young man) who got his girlfriend pregnant at 19.  The girlfriend had the baby and relinquished her rights without telling her boyfriend about it.  Ironically the couple is back together and want the baby back.  The child is now three years old and living with an adoptive family across the country.

Now, I understand how he would be more then upset about his child being adopted without his consent and I feel for him, but my question is where was he when the child was born?  If he had been there or had been involved he would have had a say in what was going on.  There would have been no way he could have missed any of that going on!  But maybe I don't have the entire story...  And no it wasn't right of the girlfriend to do it behind his back.  Is it his mom who is pulling for this?  Is it a fantasy between him and his girlfriend that once they have their daughter they will be a wonderful family and everything will be great?

This makes me sooo MAD!!  I wish that adults like him would stop being so selfish!!!  This child knows no other family and is being loved by a family she adores!  Being an adoptive mom myself, I can't imagine what it would do to Lola to have her go with strangers who are biologically related to her!  When it comes to family I don't think blood matters all that much!  Lola would react and feel the same as Tyce or Jackson would if they were taken by a stranger just because they shared some DNA!

So what is the solution?  Maybe.. be responsible?  If he were responsible in the first place he wouldn't be in this position.  What is done is done.  So, there is nothing wrong with him writing her letters and eventually being introduced into her life somehow.  It is not going to damage her living as an adoptive child- as he stated!  Be responsible and put the child first!  I don't care how sweetly you have decorated her room in your parent's home!  Grow up!!  Having a child is a big deal!  Being a parent is more then having a name on the wall and DNA in her body.  It is putting the child above all else.  It makes me heartsick for the little girl and her adoptive parents and angry at two people who first did a wonderful, selfless, courageous thing in finding a better home for their child and now trying to take it all away!
You can watch an interview with the birth father here.


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