Tasmanian Devil

It never fails.  It is kind of like washing your car and then it rains.  At the most inappropriate time around the most possible people, your child will throw the most glorious of fits known to man!  Of course when no one is watching and it is only you to witness it, your child will be the most angelic presence on earth saying the sweetest, most tear jerking statements imaginable.  This of course makes one wonder what it is about the public that brings out the Tasmanian devil in children!?

On Saturday we went to an open house for the new YMCA that was just built not too far from us.  They had a tour, games, and lots of treats for everyone.  It should have been a fun time, but Lola didn't think so.  To be fair she was being punished and wasn't allowed to have a cookie like her brothers did because she had stolen and eaten all of her brother's candy the day before.  She had even eaten the wrappers to cover her tracks! (I am in big trouble with that one!!)  So I can understand how not getting a cookie could turn her sour. 

As we were engrossed in activities it seemed that she had forgotten to keep on her sour face and things seemed to be fine.  That is until it was time to take a picture.  The child absolutely refused to take the picture and then when we said we could do it later she screamed that she wanted it done now! 
Lola's picture ID - a forever reminder of a fun day!

And when I say screamed, I mean a blood curdling sound that would turn anyone's blood cold!  I had her sit on my lap to take the picture.  She of course was not happy with this and her brothers giggled over her face captured by the camera which made her even more angry until I had to carry her out of the building.  I dropped my purse and everything and left it right where it was so I could take this kicking, screaming, shrieking tornado out of the building!

Wouldn't you know it, but there were camera crews covering the event waiting outside!  Of course!  I couldn't help but shake my head and grin at the irony of it all.  I had tried to get her out of the public's eye only to walk right into an even bigger audience!  So as I tried to carry this child who continued to scream, "No Momma No!" like I was taking her to beat her in the car, (That thought did cross my mind, but I only strapped her into her seat) I had even more people watching us and the possibility of this being recorded for all time!  Lovely!!  Just another fun outing!


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