Painters at the House...Do Not Hire this Crew!

I bought the kids some paints today.  Nice crayola paints in little plastic bottles in all different colors.  Lola and Tyce were so excited to create a masterpiece they could barely wait for me to find the paint brushes and paper!

I thought I would go with the least messy of my options and put the two of them outside.  We have a little plastic picnic table on the deck that is perfect for all of their messy fun!  I set them up with plastic plates with drops of different colors, paint brushes, and paper.  I left the slider open and went inside.

I was busy doing this and that.  Honestly, I don't remember quite what I was doing, but after a bit I realized it was way too quiet.  There hadn't been any tattling, any disagreements, or any demands for food!  Something was definitely wrong!

I raced to the door and discovered they had closed it which explained the quiet.  Before I even opened it, I knew I was a goner!

There they stood in all their painting glory!

Of course I raced to get my camera first.  Clean up later.  And what a clean up it was!  The water table was filled with grey goo.  The picnic table had a beautiful rainbow design on the table top and the benches.  The deck was splashed and splattered with color and there was a trail leading down the steps to the brightly colored rocks below!  The only thing that wasn't covered in paint was the white paper scattered across the yard!

The children had to scrub the paint off of the deck and then I hosed them down before allowing them into the house.  The hose water was very cold and as I splattered them with water, I asked them where they could paint and if it was ok to paint their bodies.  The cold forced out shrieks of no and that they should only paint paper!  I'm sure if the neighbors were watching they could have interpreted the situation in a whole different light!

As a side note, the paint did come off and when I asked Tyce how there was paint in his nose, ears, mouth, and hair he told me that the paint grew wings and flew there!  He most definitely did not put it there!


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