Mommy Drink

So maybe I didn't need to stick with my original summer plan about starting a new hobby because things did get better, but now that school is in sight the kids are driving me to my breaking point.  Honestly, they fight all day long no matter what activities I engage them in!  More times then not Ry has come home this past week to me either with a piece of chocolate in my fist or an adult drink.

Tyce, Lola, and I were in the store getting a few odds and ends.  We had time so we looked at the lobsters for awhile and played on the bikes in the toy aisle.  They were not fighting and were very agreeable so I didn't want to mess with a good thing!

When the list was taken care of Lola took it and pretended to read off the items.

Lola: "Yogurt"
Me:  "Got it"
L: "check.(she is making a flourish with her arm likes she is checking something off)  Cereal.  Check. Bike Pump. Check."
(I don't know where she got the "check" thing from.)
L: "Peanut Butter. Check. Lemonade. Check. Mommy Drink.  Check."
Me:  "Wait.  What?  Mommy Drink?"
Lola: "Right there!  You have Mommy Drinks!"  She pointed to the bottles of wine in the cart. (which were on sale which is why there were more then one bottle)

Yup.   I guess she got it right.  Those are Mommy Drinks.  Not Daddy drinks.  Not adult drinks.  Strictly Mommy Drinks.


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