I Have Wanderlust!

This past weeekend Ryan and I went on a business trip to Lake Tahoe, California.  Honestly, it was for business!  Ry even had to pack a suit! (bathing and business)

Our time getting there was a little rough and we missed out on an entire day, which was disappointing, but we had a great time regardless!  I think if we had made it that first day we may have had the privilege of taking in some more of Squaw Valley and of the Wanderlust Festival.  Wanderlust Festival is all about exploring the connections between yoga, music, and natural beauty.  What I heard from others who were not part of the festival is that it was just odd.

 We saw people coming and going from the hotel, The Resort at Squaw Creek, which was a gorgeous place to stay, carrying yoga mats and smelling of incense.(at least that's what I think it was)  Many looked to be what people may refer to as "earthy".  You know - the no shaving, no make-up, one with nature kind...  We heard about people doing yoga out in nature and people doing odd things with gongs and bells most likely to bring balance to their bodies.  I'm sure there were many alternative methods for healing and wellness being demonstrated around Squaw Valley.  To an outsider this appeared beyond bizarre, but I would have loved to have gone and explored what there was to offer there!

Being that we ran out of time, all's I could do was to look it up on the internet when we arrived home.  The website doesn't tell me all of the classes and events that they offer at these festivals, but I did see that they are held all over the United States!  I had no idea!  During my exploration online I found that wanderlust is an actual word and is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.  I'm pretty sure I have wanderlust!  That describes me to a T!  It almost sounds like a disease that I just can't do anything about!  I bet the only cure is to keep traveling and exploring the world!  I'm so relieved I finally have a name to go with this impulse that often plagues me! :)  I'm sure Ry will be really appreciative of my findings when I share them with him!

The pools at The Resort at Squaw Creek

The Resort at Squaw Creek

The lobby area


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