Singing the Blues....

Yesterday was a blue day.  Not a sad blue day, but an everything seemed to be blue day!
The sky was blue, we all wore blue, and even the kids' mouths turned blue!

We started the day by going to VBS (vacation Bible school).  Jackson and Lola are loving it and it gives Tyce and I some quiet time together.  Ironically, their offering is going toward a mission trip they are taking to Guatemala next month! - very cool!

At VBS they had a fire truck come and spray the kids!  Before the spraying of the children, they all enjoyed snowcones!  -blue snowcones!  Jackson was sooo loving his snowcone that he didn't even move when the water sprayed over his head!

Notice the boy running away from the water and Jackson just enjoying his treat!

A blue mouth!

A blue tongue!
In keeping with the blue theme, we decided to go pick blueberries!  The humidity was down and the sun drifted behind the clouds every once in awhile making it a perfect picking day!  One of the fabulous things about living in Michigan is that whenever we want fresh berries in the summer we can go find a farm and pick them!

We found a fabulous blueberry farm in Holland, MI.  The owners were so sweet!  They got us all situated with our buckets and showed us the best rows to find the most berries!  They told the kids the rules for picking berries; One berry for your mouth and one berry for your bucket!   The bushes were plentiful with nice juicy berries!  I loved that they were short bushes as well.  The kids could reach most of the branches and I could see over them to know where the kids were! 

I gave the kids instructions to pick the berries that were blue.  Tyce spent the first 5 minutes announcing every time he found a berry that was blue.  This was a constant stream of chatter on his part since there were so many berries everywhere!  We spent an hour picking berries.  Even with the blueberry picking rule, we picked 24 lbs of berries!  It's a good thing they didn't weigh the kids beforehand!  Tyce bypassed the rule and I was afraid I would have to roll him out of the fields!  Despite all of the berries he picked, his bucket was completely empty!

"I did put them in the bucket, but now I ate them!"

We had a ton of fun picking berries!  Now to find some yummy recipes to use them in!  If you are in the Holland area and want to pick berries, I highly recommend going to Wa-Hu Blueberry Farm!  They are on 15411 Greenly in Holland Michigan.  You can call for their hours 616.218.3691.  It is well worth the time and the trip!


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