Our Oldest is Moving Out!

Often times you hope and plan and dream, but as much as you do that you are not in control.  We both have hopes, plans, and dreams for the children in our home.  Unfortunately, it is very evident that no matter how much we want something for our children, if they don't want it- it just won't be.

Our oldest foster son is moving out today.  We found this out yesterday!  This is both a sad event and a happy one.  It is sad because we know that we could have provided him with any and every opportunity he could have ever hoped for and he may not get those same opportunities elsewhere.  He is a great young man and will be missed in our home.  It is a happy event because although his plan isn't what we would envision for him, he is moving forward and working to make his own plans happen! 

W has family in California and in conversations with him it became increasingly evident that that is where he would like to be and should be -with his family.  His motivations and ambitions lie with his family.  We can all understand this.  It has to be extremely difficult for a child to spend years of his life without his family around him in a foreign place!

We are happy that we are working with an agency who will listen to the children and help them achieve their hopes, plans, and dreams.  So, although we will miss him, we also know he will be happier in going to live with his family.

We wish him all of the best and hope that we can stay in touch.  We also hope that some of the lessons we tried to instill in him while he was here will come to the surface once in awhile!  We don't know where his own hopes and dreams will take him, but we hope that he will be happy and healthy on his journey!


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