My Make-up Secrets my four year old!

Lola and I had a girl's day the other day.  She wanted to do my nails. make-up, and hair.  To let a four year old do your nails, hair, and make-up is a very brave thing to do!  What was I thinking?

After the fabulous job she did we went and got our nails fixed done the next day by professionals because I couldn't get the variety of colors she used on my nails completely off!  We did have a lot of fun first pretending to be in a beauty salon and then being in an actual one together just us girls.  We can become a little overwhelmed with the boys in our house at times!

Now this is the life!  Getting your nails done while watching Dora!

This past weekend Lola decided to play beauty salon again, but this time with her cousin.  They were gorgeous!   Lola was very proud with her work because of course she did her own make-up! 
Lola and her cousin after their "Beauty Adventure"

My sister got a big kick out of Lola's make-up artistry mostly because she reminded me that the last time Lola did such a gorgeous job with her make-up she came out of her bedroom and declared:
"Now I look just like you, Mommy!"


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