Just Can't Get Away from those Piercings!!

Early last week Lola informed me that she was ready to get her ears pierced.  I was taken a bit off guard because this straight forward statement came out of the blue.

Back in December a few of our neighbor girls who are around Lola's age got their ears pierced.  Lola was all gung-ho about getting hers done as well.  That is until I showed her the video of our neighbor getting her ears pierced.  Our neighbor was so excited to get it done and then screamed bloody murder!  I showed Lola a few other videos of other girls having it done and it turned her off pretty quickly.

This of course was my plan because frankly I wasn't ready to have my little girl take such a big girl step.  Ironically, most of the baby girls in Guatemala come out of the hospital with their ears already pierced so I guess technically she is behind when it comes to piercings.

I told Lola that when she was ready to have her ears pierced she could have it done.  I thought that this meant when she was in her pre-teens or at least a few years away.  Seeing kids scream while getting their ears pierced was supposed to stick with her for a bit. (she has a memory like a steel trap) 

Apparently, she got over the videos because early last week she declared she was ready.  She said that she knew it might hurt, but she was brave with her shots and could be with this too.  She did want to know if it was ok to cry if it hurt. 

I thought if I didn't bring it up again and told her that we had to wait until the end of the week when Daddy was home that it would be forgotten or at least thought better of.  I was wrong.  Saturday came around and she was ready to go!

We loaded up in the car and headed for the mall.  We watched a little girl have her ears pierced before it was our turn.  I was so relieved when that little girl didn't even flinch.  Seriously!  She sat so still and just nodded her head and said ok when they told her she was done!  I was dumb founded!
Lola and Daddy watching the girl before us.

Lola picked out her earrings and climbed onto my lap.  The lady doing the piercings was very good with talking with Lola and telling her how to clean her ears and what to do.  She even explained all that she was doing before she did it.  Lola listened intently and then started to whisper that she was scared to me.

Here it was.  This was going to be my out.  I only had to say ok and walk out with her and no ear piercings that day!  The thing is, I know my daughter.  I know that she is often scared of things that are unknown to her and as soon as she is in the midst of them she is fine and jolly.  I also know that she was working herself up to make things worse then they were.  So we sat in the chair with the lady patiently waiting to do her job.

Lola and I talked about what was going on and how it would feel.  We talked about how the little girl acted before her and if it looked like it hurt her a lot.  We talked about how it was ok to be afraid and it was ok to cry if she was scared.  I didn't really want to talk her into it, but I knew that if we walked out of that store without getting her ears pierced she would be begging me to have it done by the end of the day!

In the end, if you had walked by the store you would have thought I was forcing her to get her ears pierced and was the most evil mother on the planet!  She decided to go through with it and said that she wanted to do it in a little choked up voice.  She cried before they even got her ears cleaned off.  1, 2, 3 and it was over. 

She was so stunned that she cried harder a few minutes after it was done!  I took her out of the store.  She was crying like crazy!  I think she was crying more out of relief and letting all of that anxiety out then pain.  The second I reminded her that they had a sucker waiting for her and a sticker she stopped.  It was an instant transformation!  She was all smiles and super excited to see her ears and strutted around telling people she just got her ears pierced!
So proud in the mall with he sticker and new earrings!

Just give her a sucker and life is awesome!
Changing her mind??

Here it is! 
What an ordeal!  Now I know some of you are remembering a past post about the two older boys piercing their own ears.  Fohawks, Piercings, and Tattoos - Oh My!  How did I justify letting a four year old get her ears pierced?  She is a girl and sometimes things are different for girls then they are for boys.  That's life!  It is helpful too that babies have their ears pierced when they are born in A's country.  So no worries!


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