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Our Day in Court

On Tuesday we journeyed to court with A.  This was the first of many court appointments he will have in order to reside here in the United States.  Our next court appointment in our city will be in January and he will have additional ones that take place in Detroit as well.  (I am hoping that these kind of court appearances will the the only kind we will ever have to make with the kids!)

We arrived early and we sat and watched the names scroll by for all of the court cases scheduled.  Wow there were a lot of divorce cases on the docket!  We are assuming that they were divorce cases because of the court we were in and two people's names were listed -one male and one female with the same last name for the same court room.  I found myself trying to guess what the people were actually going into court for and which ones were the lawyers.  It was actually very interesting - it amused me anyways!

Back to our time in court...  Of course we had prep A for the event.  This was a big deal. …

It Works! Wednesday! - Last Week to Get Paid to Be a Part of Something Huge!

This is it!  This is the VERY LAST week to take advantage of the discounted distributor kit for It Works!  You can get healthy, lose inches, and make money!  How can you beat that?  Sign up and turn $99 into $494 in a blink of an eye! I did it and you can too!! :) If you know at least 4 people who want to tighten tone and firm up an area on their body, lose weight, get healthier, or just feel better about fitting into that swim suit this season you have nothing to lose!!!!

The rewards keep on coming and so do the health benefits!  I have fun and make money!  So you have until July 31st to sign up at the discounted rate!  You get everything you would get at the full price so you make back your investment plus $100!  What other home business pays you to sign up!  You don't have to carry inventory and you don't just have to do home parties!  Chiropractors, massage therapists, nail salons, spas, and even tanners can sell these products!  The sky is the limit!  To find out more ab…


Today is what we adoptive parents fondly refer to as "Gotcha Day!"  Four years ago today we brought our gorgeous daughter home from Guatemala to be with her forever family!

That day was such a monumental time I can't even begin to describe it!  Going through the adoption process was actually like being pregnant, but without the big belly and morning sickness!

We had to go through training and filled in mountains of paperwork which took from August to October.  In the scheme of things and compared to other folks we completed this part of the process rather quickly!  I was super motivated so I kept at it! (Ryan says I completed it in "Amy Time" which in my mind is how all time should be handled - very quickly!)

On October 31st 2006 I got the call I was waiting for!  The adoption agency called to tell us that we were the only people in line for a baby in Guatemala and there were many babies waiting!  We could choose the region the baby was born in or the baby'…

Nervous But Excited!!!

Three years ago Ryan and I moved into our home.  This is the third home we have lived in and by far it is the newest and nicest and most importantly it has the best neighborhood with the most spectacular neighbors ever!

Since we have moved in we have had meet and greets, random get togethers with and without kids, hang out time around firepits, parties, a progressive dinner party, a murder mystery dinner, and even a girls only wine tasting road trip!  (I'm sure I've missed a few events in there!) If we were unable to leave our home and neighborhood we would definitely have enough social interaction here!  The money we have saved on babysitters alone has been awesome!

This past weekend we had yet another spectacular neighborhood get together!  Two of our neighbors arranged to have a "Second Annual Backyard Concert".  (Thank you guys!!  It was sooo awesome!!)They provided food, drinks, and a stage with a live band!  Neighbors and friends gathered to listen to music and…

How Dating Teenagers and Toddlers are Alike

That's right we have moved into the dating realm.  A has been talking with a young lady for awhile now and had her over for the first time last night!
She is super sweet and we had a nice dinner with her.  The younger children actually stole all of her attention during the time they were up which was fine with me!
As I contemplated what was appropriate boundaries for the teenagers I came to the conclusion that dating teenagers are very similar to toddlers!

You must walk into the room they are in at different intervals to see what trouble they are getting into.Structured activities are the best way to go!Stay strong with curfews and bedtimes!  They need them!You can not leave them alone for too long.If there is quiet, there is trouble!We have just begun our journey!  What advice do you have for us?  We're going to need it!  We didn't ease into this teenage thing but went from diapers to shaving kits over night!

Bottom, Buns, Butt, Booty, Bum - oh my!!!

Today I am wondering if it is better to teach your children the correct anatomical names for body parts or to call them something different.
My children know their body parts by their correct textbook names.  I should clarify and say they know their "private parts".  We have always called a penis a penis and a vulva a vulva.  The only name we didn't use was glutenous maximus.  We say hynie.  I just thought it was a good idea for them to know the real names of their parts because I really didn't until I was a lot older.  Plus they are more likely to learn the slang from others before they learn the textbook names on the playground.
Lately, I am wondering if this was the right choice, however.  It has never really come up as a problem or even a little bit of an issue until our youngest came around.  He is very talkative and can be very loud everywhere he is!  The other day he insisted on being carried out of the grocery store.  I had my purse and two bags of groceries …

It Works! Wednesday - Hope and Help for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

I have run into many people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS.  Irritable bowel syndrome refers to a disorder that involves abdominal pain and cramping, as well as changes in bowel movements.  There are many possible causes of IBS. For example, there may be a problem with muscles in the intestine, or the intestine may be more sensitive to stretching or movement. There is no problem with the structure of the intestine. It is not clear why patients develop IBS, but in some instances, it occurs after an intestinal infection. This is called postinfectious IBS. There may also be other triggers. Stress can worsen IBS. The colon is connected to the brain through nerves of the autonomic nervous system. These nerves become more active during times of stress, and can cause the intestines to squeeze or contract more. People with IBS may have a colon that is over-responsive to these nerves. IBS can occur at any age, but it often begins in adolescence or early adulthood. It is more …

The Truth about Grocery Stores~

These are the secrets about grocery stores and shopping in them that you will also discover if you bring your children with you!

If you want it to storm you need to plan the day before to go grocery shopping.  It is like washing the car!  You will be sure to get drenched and all of the wonderful food you have purchased will also be dripping as you bring it in the house!
Grocery stores are haunted!  The sweetest little children at home and who all excited to go "help" mom, dramatically transform in the store!  I have seen this transformation as we walk past the gumball machines!  Some entity must take over their little minds and bodies and turn them into raving crazy things!  Often we aren't even in the actual store yet and already I feel like turning on my heel and heading out the door! 
This haunting also causes the children to develop the loudest screaming voice known to man.  Outside of the grocery store you may have never heard this voice before, but EVERYONE in the s…


It only took me 8 1/2 years to figure this out, but I am sooo happy I finally did!

Since my first child was born I can count how many times I have had complete privacy and uninterrupted bathroom time!  When Jackson was a baby there were times I actually had to take him and hold him on my lap while going to the bathroom!  Try pulling up your pants while holding onto a baby!  When Lola came home it was even worse because we went through a time that I couldn't put her down.  She would scream bloody murder and since we were in the process of trying to attach after the adoption, well let's just say the two of us were attached no matter what was going on!  I was 8 months pregnant at the time so imagine how many times I had a 4 year old on my leg and a baby in my arms while trying to pee!

Yes, I have locked the door, but the pounding on it and the screams behind it do not mean privacy and uninterrupted time!  Today I actually had silence!  And yes, the children were home and on my he…

My Day Started in the Toilet....

Seriously - it actually started off in the toilet!

My youngest dropped a toy in the pee filled toilet and I had to grab it out of there trying to avoid getting the toilet paper stuck on my hand!  Sooo gross!

I've also had to take water balloons out of the toilet, carrots, and shoes!

Why are kids so fasinated with toilets?  I try to only go to them when I have to actually go to the bathroom.  I don't like to hang out by the toilet, jump on the toilet, or play with the water in the toilet!  I don't even like to throw up in the toilet! (just the thought of my face so close to .... well you know... makes me want to puke right now!)  But kids, they love them!  I'm surprised they haven't come out with actual play toilets to put on the playground or something.  They would be the most popular toy of all! Until some drunk guy came along and peed into it.

Honestly, I am done with the fasination with toilets and all things related to them!  My days should not revolve around t…

Singing the Blues....

Yesterday was a blue day.  Not a sad blue day, but an everything seemed to be blue day!
The sky was blue, we all wore blue, and even the kids' mouths turned blue!

We started the day by going to VBS (vacation Bible school).  Jackson and Lola are loving it and it gives Tyce and I some quiet time together.  Ironically, their offering is going toward a mission trip they are taking to Guatemala next month! - very cool!

At VBS they had a fire truck come and spray the kids!  Before the spraying of the children, they all enjoyed snowcones!  -blue snowcones!  Jackson was sooo loving his snowcone that he didn't even move when the water sprayed over his head!

In keeping with the blue theme, we decided to go pick blueberries!  The humidity was down and the sun drifted behind the clouds every once in awhile making it a perfect picking day!  One of the fabulous things about living in Michigan is that whenever we want fresh berries in the summer we can go find a farm and pick them!

We found a…

It Works Wednesday - Pulling my Hair Out??

Gimme head with hair
Long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming,
Streaming, flaxen, waxen

Give me down to there hair
Shoulder length or longer
Here baby, there mama
Everywhere daddy daddy

Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Flow it, show it
Long as God can grow it
My hair

The above are lyrics from the Musical Hair.  I saw this musical with my mom when I was in high school.  Before we left the theatre she told me that maybe it was a good idea to not tell my dad that there were nude people thrusting themselves on the audience! (She never thought in a million years that in our conservative city they would actually stick with the original score and script - wow was she wrong and we had front row seats!)
Hair is on my mind today.  -and on the floor in my bathroom.  I have been losing my hair little by little.  It is getting so that I am worried about brushing my hair.  Even running my fingers through it I get a hand full of long strands!  I did the same thing after I gave birth, but that has…

Beach Day - Puke in my Mouth!

Over the weekend we went to the beach.  This is a beach I have frequented since I was knee high to a grasshopper, but I see it with much different eyes now!  I am not even going to apologize if I offend anyone because if you think I am talking about you - you have a problem!

These are my observations of the patrons of the beach:

Before you go please be sure to shave!  Seriously, women need to check if they have sprouted anything in any location since the last time they went to the beach.  (or they saw sunlight) It is not that difficult!  If you are a man, there is nothing wrong with Nairing your back!  Why in the world you would want to have that jungle following you around I have no idea!

Please wear a suit that fits!  How difficult is it to tell if you are falling out of your suit?  Really?  You don't know that your boob is hanging out or that your trunks are past your bum?  It does not make you look sexier by squeezing into something two sizes too small!

Wear sunscreen!  You al…

Just Can't Get Away from those Piercings!!

Early last week Lola informed me that she was ready to get her ears pierced.  I was taken a bit off guard because this straight forward statement came out of the blue.

Back in December a few of our neighbor girls who are around Lola's age got their ears pierced.  Lola was all gung-ho about getting hers done as well.  That is until I showed her the video of our neighbor getting her ears pierced.  Our neighbor was so excited to get it done and then screamed bloody murder!  I showed Lola a few other videos of other girls having it done and it turned her off pretty quickly.

This of course was my plan because frankly I wasn't ready to have my little girl take such a big girl step.  Ironically, most of the baby girls in Guatemala come out of the hospital with their ears already pierced so I guess technically she is behind when it comes to piercings.

I told Lola that when she was ready to have her ears pierced she could have it done.  I thought that this meant when she was in her pre…

Our Oldest is Moving Out!

Often times you hope and plan and dream, but as much as you do that you are not in control.  We both have hopes, plans, and dreams for the children in our home.  Unfortunately, it is very evident that no matter how much we want something for our children, if they don't want it- it just won't be.

Our oldest foster son is moving out today.  We found this out yesterday!  This is both a sad event and a happy one.  It is sad because we know that we could have provided him with any and every opportunity he could have ever hoped for and he may not get those same opportunities elsewhere.  He is a great young man and will be missed in our home.  It is a happy event because although his plan isn't what we would envision for him, he is moving forward and working to make his own plans happen! 

W has family in California and in conversations with him it became increasingly evident that that is where he would like to be and should be -with his family.  His motivations and ambitions lie…

My Make-up Secrets my four year old!

Lola and I had a girl's day the other day.  She wanted to do my nails. make-up, and hair.  To let a four year old do your nails, hair, and make-up is a very brave thing to do!  What was I thinking?

After the fabulous job she did we went and got our nails fixed done the next day by professionals because I couldn't get the variety of colors she used on my nails completely off!  We did have a lot of fun first pretending to be in a beauty salon and then being in an actual one together just us girls.  We can become a little overwhelmed with the boys in our house at times!

This past weekend Lola decided to play beauty salon again, but this time with her cousin.  They were gorgeous!   Lola was very proud with her work because of course she did her own make-up! 

My sister got a big kick out of Lola's make-up artistry mostly because she reminded me that the last time Lola did such a gorgeous job with her make-up she came out of her bedroom and declared:
"Now I look just like …