Playing Dress up...

It's fun to be a kid and their fun is often contagious, but sometimes you adults need to draw the line and remember that you are adults and it may be wise to put on your big boy pants...

Lola and Tyce love to play dress up!  They like to put on the princess dresses, their brothers' clothes, my shoes, and even adorn themselves with objects like buckets or weeds!  When left to their own devices you just never know what they will get into next! 
Lola as a princess
Tyce as a pirate
Sportin' some awesome shades
She came up with this pose all on her own!  Promise!!
What's a nice spring day without your winter boots?
I also like to play dress up. (get your mind out of the gutter - that is not where I am heading with this)  My dress up is more of the actual dressing up.  You know, putting on the fancy dress, the nice jewelry, and the high heels to go out on the town for a rare childless meal and evening.  I also enjoy dressing up for Halloween and theme parties.  It is fun to do something different once in awhile.  There is nothing wrong with that!

I do have to question the adults that I see that actually dress up in the same way that my 3 and 4 year old dress up on a more frequent basis without a party or event to attend! 

When we were in Disney I saw a woman fully dressed like Tinker Bell in March.  When we were at an NHL hockey game there was a man dressed up like Where's Waldo.  I enjoy having fun and being silly as much (if not more) then the next person, but really?  Why?  If an entire group of adults is dressed that way then OK - I get that!  But you loners out there.. I guess you are offering me some entertainment!  I just hope there are times that you put on your big boy pants instead of your cape!


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