One Sweaty Mess!!!

I am going to share today something that I have not shared with very many others in my entire life!

Before you get all excited and think it is something super juicy- it isn't, but it is embarrassing. 

For years I have been embarrassed by sweat soaked armpits.  Sure, everyone sweats once in awhile and may have an embarrassing odor or stain when they lift their arms, but no matter what deodorant I used, what I was wearing, or what the temperature was, I would sweat like it was 110 degrees outside!  It could be in the middle of winter and my teeth would be chattering but my pits would be Niagara Falls!

It started in sixth grade and got progressively worse.  I vividly remember sitting in class and feeling the sweat run down my side.  From that time on I have sweat through shirts, sweaters, and even coats!  I have had to bring changes of shirts with me in the car because by the time I got to my destination my first shirt would be sweat soaked.  I would stuff Kleenex under my arms to block the sweat from getting my shirts wet. (never stuffed by bra - just my pits!)  I would try to dry my pits over the air conditioner in the car or the hand dryer in bathrooms!  I actually had to pick my wardrobe according to what would show wet stains the least!

A while ago I met a woman who told me about a friend of hers who had the same thing.  I was astonished!  I didn't even know it was a "thing"!  She told me it was called hyperhydrosis and some people sweat from their armpits and some would sweat from their palms or the bottoms of their feet!  It was a relief to know I wasn't the only sweaty mess out there, but what to do about it!

Of course I started to look online and do research!  It sounded like the only thing that really worked for people was having botox injections in their armpits to stop the sweating all together!  I learned that celebrities do this before big events on the red carpet so they don't have to worry about sweating or deodorant stains on gowns.

So after much deliberation and knowing someone in the "business" I went in last March and had botox shot into my armpits.  The needle is super tiny, but it can hurt at times as you get about 20 shots in different places in your pit!  They say that the results last maybe 7 months.  For me they lasted 11 months!  I was so happy about the results that I went back today and had it done for a second time!  I had started sweating uncontrollably once again even with deodorant on so it was time!

You can't put on deodorant when you go have this done so by the time I got to the doctor's office not only was I sweating, but I was stinky too!  Then I realized I had forgotten to shave my armpits!  Really??  That is the one place someone is going to look closely at and it was a stubbly mess! (Of course!)

Knowing that I just had the equivalent to 5 botox treatments for wrinkles shot in my pits in one sitting didn't really make me feel too great, but at least now my armpits will be wrinkle free and DRY!!


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