More Kids in the Future????

That seems to be the question on a lot of people's minds lately concerning our family.  That or "Are they nuts?"  I guess with adding two new children in such a short time the questions are inevitable.

We are actually licensed to welcome one more child into our home.  Legally you can have a total of 6 kids under your roof whether they are biological, adopted, foster, or daycare.  (while doing foster care) So one more child would put us at our max.

That doesn't mean we will be adding another one anytime soon, however.  It isn't because we don't want to.  The reason is simply that we have actually run out of room in our vehicle!  There are no more seats left to transport one more child!  We don't want to have to take two vehicles everywhere or leave anyone behind!

So unless you see us with a conversion van or a decked out short bus, we are sticking with what we have! (for the time being....)


  1. There was a conversion van for sale at the small dealership next to the train tracks at Alpine & Ann St for awhile. It was less than $5000.


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