Little Miss Scatterbrain!

When I woke up the other morning and proceeded to only shave one of my legs and not to notice my oversight for most of the day I thought I either had to go to bed sooner, nap, wake up later, or slow down and pay attention to what I was doing!

Since the first three options are not really options at all, I think I need to pay attention to what I am doing!  In the mornings it seems that I am often in a rush and very easily distracted from what I am doing.  I have gotten all ready in the morning only to get in the car and discover on my way that I forgot to apply eye make-up to my right eye.  That wouldn't be so bad except that the left was all made up!  I have been in the shower and have blanked on whether I washed my hair so I have to do it again just to be safe!  I have gone through my regular wake up routine and put on my deodorant only to realize on the second arm that I applied it on top of my clothes and not even on my skin!

So I am either losing my mind or very scatter brained.  Or maybe those or one in the same!  Either way if you see me one morning with only one earring or mismatched socks, please be a friend and tell me before I embarrass myself further!


  1. I have done before! Taking a shower (at 6 am or so) and not remembering if you already shampooed your hair or you do it again to be safe...only to realized that you remembered that you already did...

    So you're not alone! :)


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