It's Summer Vacation and I am starting a new Hobby!

As a teacher, I loved summer vacation!  I looked forward to it like you wouldn't believe!  We counted down the months, days, and then the hours until we were finally free!  It took a few weeks to get used to not having to do anything, but it was a small price to pay for the days that were laid out before me of relaxation and no stress!

That was before I had five children obviously!   Things are a bit different now.  The children wake up at ungodly hours in the morning only to fight and scream for half of the day!  The older boys give me looks of disgust and scoff at my requests to do things other then watch TV every waking moment.  We are only two weeks in people!!  I have taken out some of the crafts I had hidden for a rainy day and have even gotten out the finger paints!  (that is pure desperation!) To survive this summer vacation I am thinking of taking on a new hobby.

I'm sure Mothers do it every where!  They can't all be surviving without some help!  I am thinking of taking up non indulgent drinking.  A little something to calm my nerves can't hurt.  It will make the day go by so much more smoothly don't you think?  If Mommy is happy then EVERYONE is happy.  I know that technically you aren't supposed to have a drink until noon (Ry will say 5o'clock, but I beg to differ - summer has it's own rules!)  However, there are some drinks that are made for morning right?  I could start with a Bloody Mary at breakfast to round out my vegetables for the day. (nutritious!)  Around our second breakfast time I'm thinking a mimosa may be in order. (who couldn't use some vitamin C?)  Lunch time may bring on a beer, snack time may bring on something with a little more of a punch since that is crabby time for everyone, and I can settle in for the night with a nice glass of wine!

Now I can't have the children thinking I am a lush so don't be offended if I have a water bottle or plastic cup that I won't share with you!  You wouldn't be getting what you are expecting!

***Now, don't go and freak out - I am really just joking kind of about all of this!  I am not going to start drinking until after noon to get through the days! Maybe chocolate would be the answer...


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