It Works Wednesday - What a Weekend!!

This is supposed to be a job?

This past weekend I got up at my normal time on Saturday and told the kids I was going to “work”.  I attended a Michigan Boot Camp for It Works Global.  It was held at a nice hotel and the room was packed with over 400 people!!  It was a sea of black and green!  There was not a frown in the entire mass of people and the excitement and buzz in the room was contagious!

The Sea of Black and Green!!!
Dr. Don
As I sat up front in the VIP section to listen to Dr. Don Verhulst speak about health and nutrition and took notes on tips from Pam Sowder, I couldn’t help but think that I was so very lucky!  Sure you might be thinking that I am a little crazy to think I was lucky to be sitting listening to speakers on a Saturday!!??  And you might be thinking I felt lucky just to get out of the house away from all of the children, which is partly true, but, how often are you surrounded by people who truly love what they are doing and are excited to keep doing it?  How often do you have people come up to you and offer to help you make more money and help you get healthier?  This room of over 400 people was and is these people!
Some of the VIPs of the company!

Yup, I Won Big in the Raffle!!
You can’t help but catch the ambition and drive when you are in a room with these kinds of people.  It wasn’t cheerleaderish or cultish or anything like that either, because that would totally turn me off!  It was just pure fun!  I even won the most cool raffle prize!  I really needed the boost too!  Although I continue to get a nice cushy check each month, I haven’t done anything since A came home!  Now I am ready to jump back in again!  I can’t wait!

So, let me tell you the exciting things that are going on with my “job”! (because I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t!)

From now until July 15 you can sign up to do what I do, which is basically have fun and help people feel better on the inside and out, for half the price!  You even get all of the benefits that I got when I signed up at full price- which means you get your entire investment back plus $100 just by helping your friends see results in 45 minutes with the Ultimate Body Applicator (wrap)!  – I lost 1 ½ inch after 45 minutes around my waist and an addition 6 inches 3 days later because even though I took the wrap off after 45 minutes the ingredients kept working in my body for 72 hours!!-  If you want to know about my personal story go to Why am I doing This?  I can tell you that with using the products that I market I have gone down 2 pant sizes without exercising (which is a bummer because I love to workout-honestly) or dieting!  I am also healthier by far as are my children!!

We also have new products like a hair tonic, a protein shake, and an energy drink coming to market soon!  I can’t wait for these!!  The final news that made me giddy was the announcement that the company will soon be offering free shipping to all its Loyal Customers on autoship!  They will also have free shipping on orders over $125!  I am so super excited about this!  As the company just moved to Florida and I can’t pick up my products anymore, this will be HUGE for me and local customers!  I love it!!!!

Who ends a meeting with champagne?  It Works! does!!

The Toast to end the conference!
I am so lucky to have so much fun at my “job”!  I can’t wait to go to “work”! J


  1. I used to work with Dr. Don and his wife Susan.... I have plenty to say about those two! whew! haha


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