I Think I am going to Win my first "Mom" Award!

Sorry all of you Mom's out there, but I do believe that I am the most deserving of this award based on my performance as a Mom this past week!

  1. I required the children to sit down a read out of an actual book before they could watch any tv, play Wii, or be on the computer! - the horror!
  2. I limited their computer time to 2 hours a day. - I am so stunting their development!
  3. The internet went down and I did not fix it because the children did not abide by the 2 hour rule. - so cruel!!
  4. The rule in the house is no phone calls made or received after 10pm. - come on! kids want to talk or just listen to each other breathe until they fall asleep on the phone! Why is that not ok?
  5. Now the rule is no calls made or received for one entire week for disregarding the above rule. - Seriously- how could I be sooo mean!
  6. I would not let the children scavenge through the refrigerator 30 minutes before dinner. - they were so starving and probably were about to faint!
  7. I made all of the children go with me to the pool. - such a boring place with nothing at all to enjoy
  8. I made the children go outside to play whatever they would like to play on a gorgeous day! - I am most likely exposing them to harmful gases by doing this based on their reactions!
  9. I made the children go to a picnic so they could meet new friends. - apparently they would rather sit with me and fold laundry then hang with kids their own age
  10. I made the children eat their healthy meals before they could have any sweets or snacks. If they chose not to eat the good stuff I didn't give them the junk food. - can I make life any more difficult for these children??

Yes, this first week of summer vacation was a tough one for our household. The children have unanimously chosen me to have the "Meanest Mom" Award!

I am actually flattered and thrilled! This award (tearing up at the moment) just means that I am strong enough to take all that they can dish out! It means that I am winning the battle! I am still in control of this household and will remain strong! I will hold this award proudly and use it to beat them down remind myself that I am doing an awesome job!  So Bring It On!!  Mommy is ready!!!


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