The Art of Laundry

I feel like I do laundry just about every day.  As soon as I feel caught up some unpredicted event occurs and I'm forced to do 4 more loads!  I thought as the kids got older I would have less, but as summer approaches I have more grass stains, dirt, and other unknown substances on their clothes each day!

To be a responsible washer of clothes I know I should check all pockets and probably shake out each piece of clothing before throwing it into the machine.  But let's face it, I'm in a hurry most of my life and it kind of feels like the whole thing of washing your dishes before you put them in your dishwasher!  What a waste of time and energy!

Being that I am not the most conscientious washer of clothing, things often get by me!  A's chapstick went through the washer and dryer just the other day leaving behind awesome blue wax stains on everything.  I've found rocks, wood chips, and my favorite so far is a big fat, fluffy, caterpillar! (may he rest in peace)  Of course it is always a welcomed surprise to find money in the washer and dryer and I do keep it even though the likelihood that it was mine to begin with is slim to none!

Another thing I often don't think about are if things should actually be put in the washer or not.  If it can't be thrown in the washer and dryer then it probably should not be in my house!  Unfortunately, I often learn that the hard way.

I threw a purple rug in the washer.  Look at the lovelies it left behind for me!  I ended up vacuuming out the washer, running it again, vacuuming it again, and running it one more time before the purple fuzz was gone!  Sooo not worth it - stupid rug!!! (and no I did not put it in the dryer!) I just hope I remember this for the next time I get the bright idea to clean a rug!  Maybe it is better to just throw them away when they are dirty and buy a new one!


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