And Now There are Five!! - W is here!

Friday was an exciting day for our family!

As we had a month earlier, we went to the airport with our welcome sign and a few gifts in hand!  We were early and waited for the flight to arrive with our case worker, licensor, the case worker's supervisor, and an interpreter!  We were quite the crew!

Unfortunately, we missed W arriving!  He walked right past us to the baggage claim and we never saw him!  It's no wonder we didn't pick him out of the crowd!  He was dressed in a dress shirt, slacks, a tie, and even had a tie clip!  Definitely not your normal travel wear for a 17 year old who is also a refugee!

We all had the same excitement and apprehension, however! 
Yet again, we are completely blessed!  He is a good looking, very mature, kind, put together young man who is polite and helpful!  He even calls me "Miss" and Ryan "Sir".  (It felt a little strange at first, but now I'm debating whether all of the children should call us that!)  He does know a lot of English and can carry on long conversations about any subject you can come up with.  Already the children love him and he and A have compared notes on all of their past girl friends!

So far it just feels like a natural increase in the family.  You may want to check back in a week and see if I feel the same way after I have to prepare meals for all of these boys!


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