Too Old to Do It?

You know you are reaching a certain age when you see clothes, a haircut, shoes, or accessories and have to ask yourself and trusted others if you are too old to pull them off.

In my 30s I personally feel I am too old to get my first tattoo or pierce any part of my body. It's too bad because I would look smokin' hot with a tattoo - with a significant meaning of course - and a belly button piercing! (this doesn't mean I don't think other 30 year olds shouldn't get tattoos or piercings - I just think it is too late for me to start!)

Friday night I threw caution to the wind and just went for it! Of course this was after consulting a few trusted friends, people around me, and my husband. However, Ry's opinion was immediately thrown out the window because he didn't have a clue what I was talking about!

I'm sure you are wondering what exactly I did.  Well... I got a tattoo with of a phoenix flying out of a burst of flames. Just Kidding!! I actually got a feather extension put in my hair! (sorry to disappoint- but you have to start somewhere right? Today a feather extension and who knows what tomorrow will bring!)

Even if I look too old to pull it off, I still feel young enough inside!  Only my daughter has commented on it (and she LOVES it) so either people haven't noticed, they don't know what it is, or they are too embarrassed for me to say anything!  I can tell you that Ryan didn't notice!  But however it comes across to others I happen to like it!  (at this moment anyways....)

See the feathers???


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