Tagging Along...

Houston skyline on a humid, cloudy day

We even went to a baseball game!  Minute Maid Park
 Right now I am a tag along.  And actually, being a tag along is not all bad! 

I am tagging along with Ryan to a Conference in Houston, TX.  He has meetings to go to, seminars to attend, hands to shake, and business to explain.  Given the fact that I really can't make my brain wrap around his obsession for his business, the only thing I HAVE to do is smile and chat with men in suits.

Grouper - a little appetizer!  Seriously every meal was like this!!

I know you may all think that this sounds boring, but it is AWESOME!  First, the food is phenomenal and without my Fat Fighters I would gain 10 pounds in a weekend!  Check out these desserts!!  (Without kids with me I hit the desserts first and then went to the main course!)

Next, they have exhibitors which means it is like an expo, but everything is FREE!  Of course all of the free stuff has a company logo on it, but my kids don't care what words are on a cool glowing squeeze ball, a stuffed Snoopy, flashlights, highlighters, or other trinkets that will be their prize for Mommy being gone or end up in stockings at Christmas!!

Finally, believe it or not there are times that I get extremely lucky in listening or being part of conversations.  There are people from all around the United States bringing in a lot of different experiences and stories.  I would say that predominately the conversations are a bit of a snooze for me as they are about business and sometimes sports, but last night I totally hit the jackpot!

The talk directed toward me usually starts with talk of the kids which of course I love to talk about, but I also know that all most men would rather talk about their own kids rather then hear about someone else's.  So the conversation may quickly change to talk about what I do outside of the kids- teaching people how to lose inches in 45 minutes and how to be healthier, feel and look younger-  This can turn into detailed discussions on sickness, weight loss, eating habits...  I was not a good example in my eating last night as I had two plates - very small plates - of desserts in front of me!

On this particular night the talk turned to current events which usually turns into talk about the stock market or politics, but this conversation was like I had never experienced!  I felt like I was watching two teenage girls gossiping about their celebrity crushes!  I had to turn my head and cover my mouth to not laugh out loud at the absurdity of it all!

The gentlemen at my table were talking about the Royal Wedding.  Of course everyone knows about the Royal Wedding and has taken some interest in the event, but these men had more then just a slight interest.  After the anticipated comments about how Kate and Pippa looked in their gowns and on the Internet in various pictures, they got down to the nitty gritty.  They knew who was Dutchess of what, how old everyone was, how people met, names of family members, the scandals, and all about the royalty!  I had all I could do not to let me jaw drop to the floor!  I DVRed the wedding, but still have not watched it and these men actually got up to watch it!  I have to say I am oddly mesmerized by this!  I had never expected to be in on this conversation between two business men!  Totally made my night!  (and yes, I could not stop myself from teasing them about their knowledge on the subject - sorry guys!  I am seriously impressed and envious you have the time to devote to such interests!)

Having none of the responsibilities of the business conference and being able to pop in and out when I want to is the best!  I wish this could be a full time job!


  1. loved your writing style. your blog is amazing. Have been going through some of your posts, will def. recommend to others. Independence Day DP


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