Nervous, Neurotic, Over-Protective Mother!

You would think that I am sending my first born 6 week old baby away from home for the first time or something! I am a nervous wreck today!

I have been bringing A to and from school each day. ALL of the kids(which is now up to four)jump, stagger, roll, get carried, or get coerced into the car at 7:15 every morning and 2:20 every afternoon. I don't mind doing the driving back and forth since it is really close, but there will be times that I won't be able to transport him to and from school. So today marks the first day A will ride the bus to and from school.

And yes, this is what is making me a nervous wreck today! First I was nervous because I wasn't sure he would know which stop to get off at, but then I found out he had to switch buses! He has to switch buses on the way to the high school and on the way back! Try explaining all of that to someone who only speaks a little bit of English and has never ridden a school bus! Talk about anxiety!

So I did what any other neurotic mother would do! I tried to prepare him. First, I tried to explain it in Spanish. After getting blank stares I tried my hand at drawing a picture. Since I can barely draw a smiley face, I received more blank stares and a sad shake of his head. (his body language and face said "crazy lady") I then decided a more direct concrete approach was in order.

I followed the buses (a safe distance just in case any teenager cared enough to pay attention to the embarrassing mom in a mini-van) from the high school to the place they all unload the kids and switch buses. We watched the kids find their buses. Only thing was, I couldn't find the bus A was supposed to ride! Just Awesome!

I then had his ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher explain the entire situation to him in Spanish. He seemed to understand it all, but I was still nervous so I called the bus garage. I talked with the most wonderful woman in the school's transportation office. She made me feel like she gets calls like this all the time. She assured me that she would let the bus driver know that A would be riding and would need some direction to get to the right school. Here is where I should breathe a sigh of relief right? Wrong. In one last attempt to be sure he wouldn't get lost or left behind I wrote a note to the bus driver myself. (I totally sound like the most over protective mother EVER!!) I also gave A a note that had the numbers on them and his home address. 

Unfortunately, A refused to take my note!  Imagine that!  A 16 year old boy that doesn't want to be seen giving the bus driver a note from his crazy, nervous, neurotic mom!

We can see the bus stop down the road from our house so of course I watched him until the bus came and drove him away! I really wanted to walk down with him, but Ryan put the brakes on that pretty fast! He is 16 after all and I'm pretty sure he has found his way under a lot more difficult circumstances then just looking for a number on a bus!

I am still nervous though and I will be until he gets home. At which point I think I will jump up and down with joy and he will look at me like any other teenage boy would look at his crazy mother!  Poor kid!

Walking to the bus stop.


  1. In case you were wondering, he did make it to school and home fine. He did say it was scary though!

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