Making the Cut

I have been mowing lawns since I can remember.  I want to say I stared when I was in fourth grade, but maybe not.  We had a big yard growing up and it took forever to mow that thing!  We had a hill on the side of our house that was a challenge to get up and down.  After I was married we bought my childhood home so I mowed that one yard for well over 2 decades!

I have mowed the lawn while listening to music, carrying a baby on my back, and even while running to try to get it done quickly!  I don't have one of those awesome fancy riding mowers with the cup holders and I don't do the fancy lines this way one week and another way another week.  I section off the yard and try to get it done as fast and as easy as I can.  Sometimes I miss spots, run into things, and obliterate sprinkler heads (which I did last week), but it does eventually get done!

I have been mowing the yard every week since Spring came along this year.  I can't think of other women I know that mow their lawn, but I do it so Ryan has more time at night with me and the kids.  I actually like being able to drown out all of the other sounds and be alone with my own thoughts and unfortunately this seems like one of the only times I can do that!  I also want to show my kids that girls can do things like mow lawns and take care of things that men and boys usually do. 

This week I was mowing the lawn and I stopped to empty the bag and check on the two little kids.  While their mother was sweating and slaving away I have to show you what Lola and Tyce were doing:

Sitting in the driveway, listening to my Ipod while eating popsicles!

These life lessons take time to sink in right?! 


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