Loosing Teeth

There are so many milestones when you are a child that you can't wait to get to and celebrate! As a parent you can't wait for these milestones either! I wish milestones you reach in adulthood could be more like that!

Why can't it be when we find our first grey hair we rush to put it under our pillow to wake up to $100 for a dye job? Wouldn't it make is so much easier if the first time you got a hot flash everyone ran for a video camera to commemorate the occasion? Or when you noticed wrinkles forming on your face how cool would it be to have a graduation party into the age of wisdom for you? The first time I was called mam, wasn't carded, or referenced a television show that was off the air before the person I was talking to was born should be celebrated, adored, ooohed and ahhhed over! That's how it should be!

The big tooth is telling the baby tooth to get out of the way!

Lola with all of her teeth
But, I digress! On Tuesday Lola began complaining her tooth hurt. I took a deep breath and took a look. A loose tooth always gives me the hibijibies. It gives me the same feeling nails on a chalk board does! Sure enough it looked loose and her next tooth was pushing through!

Poor girl was terrified about loosing her tooth! I don't blame her! The first tooth I lost I put under my pillow for about five minutes and then went crying to my parents! I was scared to death the tooth fairy would get greedy and take all of my teeth! My parents had to tell me who the tooth fairy really was before I would calm down and go back to bed.

Fortunately, I didn't have to spoil the magic for Lola. She had witnessed Jackson losing his teeth and getting money enough times that she was anxious to join the club!

After picking up A from school that afternoon, we pulled into the garage and it happened. Lola had bit into a piece of bread and triumphantly showed us her bloody tooth in her hand. A gasped and I clapped and made a big deal of it. Big mistake. She looked from A to me and back again and began to bawl! She ducked into the back of the van crying. Always the drama queen...

It didn't take her long to get happy about it! We took pictures and put the tooth in a baggie on the fridge. She was so proud She was now a big girl! Another milestone obtained and celebrated! She is just growing up way too fast! Maybe that is why all of those milestones are celebrated so enthusiastically!
Lola without her tooth!!


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