The list of what I can't touch is getting longer.....

If you know me, you know that certain things and I don't mix well. 
Knives, fire, hammers... basically anything I can hurt myself with!  Very early in our marriage Ryan took the knives away from me because of our love hate relationship.  (He hated finding my hands covered in blood while cooking) I have now found something else that does not mix well with my personality - lucky me! 

I don't think it is a matter of being clumsy.  I just try to do too many things at one time and get distracted by more important things while I try to carry on a task.  Parts of me are just propelled faster then other parts!

Jackson and his pennants!

They had Market Place Day at school - he rented his table space to sell his wares

The kids sold services and goods.  Lola had her nails done!

Tyce painted his own rock!

Ryan was a Watch Dog Dad and went to the classrooms to help out!
Last night I helped Jackson do yet another project for school.  He made pennants.  I cut triangles out of foam and he glued or stuck different things like team logos, flowers, and peace signs on them.  The last step in this project was attaching a dowel to the flag.  I tried special glue for the foam and that was just taking too long so I tried staples which worked OK, but I still wasn't satisfied.  My last attempt at a method to secure the dowel to the flag resulted in my abandoning the project for a while for first aid care.

I tried super glue.  Let me just say that that stuff really does work and the warnings on the labels are absolutely true!

Yes, I did glue my fingers together and to the foam and to the glue bottle and to the dowel and to the floor!  I absolutely did panic when I tried to pull the objects off of my hands and they more then tugged at my skin!  It can happen faster then you think!  I also did make a gargled panicked cry while trying to get my fingers apart and then getting my right hand stuck to my fingers that were stuck together on my left hand!   Jackson just watched quietly because I told him no talking while Mommy freaked out!

Obviously, I can type tonight so they didn't remain glued together, but it was an ordeal that I do not want to repeat!  Ryan had to google how to remove super glue from your skin.  I used nail polish remover to get unstuck, but it didn't take all of the glue off of my hands.  It stayed on and felt really awkward all night and day!  I tried scrubbing it off and even biting it off (which worked until I bit my own skin!)  Time was what did the trick!  It eventually just peeled away on its own during my daily routine. 

The super glue did work on the ONE pennant, but every other pennant was attached to a dowel with staples.  No more super glue for me for school projects!  It is just too dangerous and we do not mix well at all!


  1. Too funny! And if it was that "foam glue" that you tried the first time - it is such a waste of money! It does not glue foam very well at all.

  2. OH, I'm literally sitting here with a small superglued tube of ... superglue on my left thumb. At least I see the humor in this enough that I can not only take the time to look up the answers, but I'm preparing my own blog entry on the subject and commenting on yours.

    I did have a slight moment of panic and you are SOOO right - it can happy WAY faster than you'd think. I blame my partner for not allowing me to hammer at this hour (was nearly midnight when it happened and is just past the hour now). *sigh*


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