It Works! Wednesday - Here a wrinkle, there a wrinkle, buh bye wrinkles!

Today let's focus on fixing that sun damage and those fine lines and wrinkles! 
There are four excellent products that do this! (Today I'll touch on three)

 The exclusive 45-minute Facial Applicator uses a cream-infused cloth wrap to deliver intense anti-aging benefits to the face that dramatically minimize signs of aging in just 45 minutes!
This exclusive botanical blend:
  • tightens and firms the skin for a lifting effect,
  • helps combat the appearance of aging skin, and
  • deeply hydrates without clogging pores for fresher, more luminous skin.
The facial not only gives you great results, but it feels great on!  You leave it on for at least 45 minutes and rub in the excess when you take it off.  You don't have to wash it off either.  Let the cream continue to penetrate your skin.  Your face will glow!  If you have sensitive skin I will tell you that my acne prone skin has never broken out after using a facial!  I love them!  I use them before I go to bed at night.  I put the kids to bed and quickly slap one of them on.  Inevidedly one of the kids will yell for something from their room.  I, unfortunately, look too scary to make an appearance with my facial on so daddy gets that duty!  Guarenteed un-interupted solitude!  People often ask how often you should use the facial.  As often as you want to!  I use it when the line between my eye brows gets noticibly deeper!  In the summer I use it more often to help repair the damage I do with the sun!  It will take years off the look of your skin and people who have used them consistantly have been accused of having face lifts!

Wrinkles and other signs of aging begin forming years before they are clearly visible, so it is important to start using a daily anti-aging moisturizer before they appear. PreventAge uses soothing botanical extracts and vitamins to help neutralize the harmful effects of environmental factors, such as damaging solar rays and pollutants, that contribute to signs of aging.
Leaves skin feeling soft and silky. Especially designed for usage in and around the facial area.

Think wrinkles are forever? Not anymore! RepairAge is a revolutionary moisturizing facial cream with a unique blend of herbal extracts that gives skin a more youthful appearance.
  • Good for normal, dry or oily skin.
  • Improves firmness and evens skin tone.
  • Boosts skin's natural glow, tone and texture.
  • Produces a tightening effect for lift and vitality


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