Giving a Show on the Expressway...

It seems that a lot of silly things happen to me or maybe it is because of me that they happen!

Last year at this time I was teaching.  There are a lot of things you need to do to get ready to greet your students that first day.  One of these things was getting my picture taken for an ID.  I also had to get a key card to open the building and a key to my room.  I proudly displayed that entire mess of stuff, which I needed daily, on a lanyard around my neck.  However, I didn't even make it to the first day of school before I lost all of it! - the lanyard around my neck was supposed to prevent this...

It happened to be a rare sunny, hot day in Michigan in September and I had my windows open in the car. I had the music cranked and I was happy to be finally going home as it had been a long day!  As I gained speed on the expressway, the wind picked up so I slowly started to close my windows.  Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough and the lanyard which I had set on the dashboard with my key, key card, and ID flew right out of my passenger window on the expressway.

I could have had a lot of reactions to this, but I actually shook my head, watched it in my rear view mirror as it landed on the side of the road, and thought to myself, "Of course it would fly out of the window!  Awesome! Of course this would happen!"
The expressway I was on was jammed packed with cars and trucks! (of course) and not nearly so clean!

As I didn't think it was worth slamming on my brakes to retrieve it, I got off at the next exit and turned around.  By this time I was actually laughing!  I pulled my car over to the side, put my hazards on and slid out of the car on the passenger side.  I slowly made my way down the road looking for the proof of my employment.  I didn't have any luck so I decided to step over the guard rail and look on the other side.  Don't EVER do this!!!  It is stinky and disgusting!  I'm surprised I did not find a dead body or something in the ditch there!  I was actually worried a hand would reach up from under some grass and grab me!

I had a skirt on that day and as I stepped over the guard rail a huge gust of wind from passing trucks  blew my skirt all the way up!  And when I say all the way up- I mean that if my skirt was sitting high on my waist you would have seen my belly button!  The motorists on that stretch of road definitely got a free show that day as of course I didn't learn my lesson the first time and it happened again as I went back to my car.  Yep - there were a few honks - to which of course I waved!

After I clamored back into my car all sweaty and dirty I called the secretary at my school.  I started the conversation by telling her that she didn't know me that well yet, but if she told this story to my co-workers they would not be surprised!

I never did find that lanyard and my face probably traveled to a different state on the axle of some big rig!  I have a few people a thrill and a story to tell and thankfully no one ran off the road!

 I'm not sure if it is a good thing that this event didn't surprise anyone that I know.  Things like this just seem to happen!


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