Becoming "That Mom"

I definitely have a new appreciation for the work parents have to do to get what their children with special needs require to to be successful.

I am not new to the whole advocating for your child in school thing.  I taught children who are hearing impaired for quite a few years.  I know about laws for special education.  I know parents can get what they want if they have just cause and are loud enough.  I have had a child myself who received services early on.  Knowing these things does not make it any easier!  You still have to make your voice heard!

I remember when my child was younger and I knew that services were needed.  It took months to get what I knew was appropriate!  It wasn't that the school system didn't care or was opposed to it, it was that there weren't enough people or time.  I sat back and trusted that things would come into play in the correct time and way, but looking back I should have become "That Mom".

We all know "That Mom".  She's the one that sends notes, calls, or emails at least twice a week.  She pops into the classroom and knows everything that is going on. She takes up a lot of time and demands a lot for her child.  As a teacher it can be hard to deal with "That Mom".  It takes your time away from your students who are your number one priority. 

That doesn't mean there isn't a time you shouldn't become "That Mom".  In fact, there are times when you definitely need to in order for your child to flourish.

Teachers love our kids - they really do!  They want to do what is right by our children, but sometimes the paperwork and higher ups get in the way so it is up to you parents to stick your nose right in there and stir things up!

With A's having to learn English while being in high school I have to be "That Mom".  We don't have time to mess around.  He only has so much time before he will be too old to be in high school.  He has to have so many credits to get a diploma and he wants to go to college so we have to be mindful of his GPA.

So watch out!  I am now "That Mom"!  I feel a little bad for the teachers we will be coming into contact with because it is no secret that I have made people cry for lesser things then messing with my kid!


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