Sometimes Mommy needs a Time Out too!

This week has been a REALLY REALLY long week!  There was a lot going on this week so you think it would have moved fast, but when you have sick kids every day and you are the nurse day in and day out it tends to slow time down considerably!

Lola started off the week with a fever and by Tuesday Jackson had it too.  By Thursday afternoon Tyce was also running a temperature!  What is interesting is that they all manifest whatever virus this is differently.  Lola is coughing, Jackson has a sore throat, and Tyce has a tiny stuffy nose.  Regardless, being sick is no fun for anyone! 

By last night Mommy needed a time out.  I just needed a break!  I went window shopping at a few of my favorite stores.  The way I window shop now is I take pictures with my phone of what I want and show Ry.  If I get any kind of positive response from him -yes it could be a grunt-  I take that as a sign that I can go purchase it later!

I did come home with one purchase though so I can have another "Time Out" later....


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