So Many Blessings on Easter!

I'm a little late on the Happy Easter, but Happy Easter!

What a wonderful Easter it was as I hope was all of yours was as well!  Our day was so filled with blessings!
Our day started out differently as planned, but ended up really great!  We skipped church because A wasn't feeling well.  This bummed me out big time for very selfish reasons!  I wanted to introduce our new son to everyone and show him off! :)  It was good we didn't go though.  In addition to having a sore throat, I think he would have been overwhelmed and stressed out by all of the people and trying to understand everyone.
Just listening and trying to understand everyone is very tiring!  We have noticed he turns the TV up pretty loud because he is trying to hear all of the words so he can understand the programs.  He can't fill in the things he misses to make sense of it all yet.  Learning a new language is a full time job and can wipe you out!  I started reading the Easter story to him in Spanish and WOW!  That was difficult!  I would have liked a nap when I was done!  I'm sure he felt like he was listening to a kindergartener read!

We wanted the kids to all sleep in, but of course the three little ones were up at 6:30!  We let them get their Easter Baskets and had them go back upstairs so they wouldn't wake A.  Unfortunately, he was up by 8 so the egg hunt began!  He caught on really fast as to what was going on, but was baffled and I am sure he still is by what we were doing!  It is hard to explain hunting for eggs and why we would do such a silly thing!

After the festivities and breakfast we loaded up in the car to head up north to have dinner and another egg hunt with my parents and sisters.  All afternoon the kids asked when we could find eggs.  It was pure torture having them wait until their cousin got up from her nap!  Thankfully there is enough to do to keep everyone busy!

It was a gorgeous day and we were able to spend some time outside in the warm sun!  We are so blessed to be able to spend such fun times with family!

We felt even more blessed after we got home and the kids went to play outside.  The neighbors came over and all greeted A.  They presented him with a gift card to the mall!  He wasn't quite sure of what it all meant or what to do with it!  He was a bit shocked and handed the card over to me! (yipee!!  Don't worry I won't use it on me!  We spent most of Saturday shopping for him and still have some more to buy so he is prepared for Michigan weather!)  It is so wonderful to live in a neighborhood where we are surrounded by such wonderful, caring people!
Below are some pictures of our Easter Events!

Our eggs!

Lola and her egg

Finding eggs!!

Out on the dock enjoying the nice day!

We can't wait for it to be nice and put this in the water!

My niece enjoying her mashed potatoes!  She eats them like they are ice cream!

Tyce and my niece

Ry, Lola, Jackson, and A tried to fly a kite, but there wasn't enough wind!

We celebrated my dad's birthday too!  Aren't my parents cute???

My grandparents:  Oma and Opa

My sister and our youngest niece!


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