More kids - but what does it mean???

I have mentioned before that we are increasing in number over here through refugee foster care!  We are super excited and it looks like we may have new children in our home within the next 60 days! 

I have been getting a lot of questions about what this exactly means.  To put it bluntly we will have up to three new family members!  They will be with us until they can be on their own which we would hope is around age 18 - 21 for all of our children!  They will most likely be 12 - 17 years old when they come to live with us.

Our new children will be refugees from another country.  This means that due to some factor they fled or were forced to leave their country of origin.  They either were in a refugee camp or actually arrived in the US.  Officials search for their families and evaluate their situation.  If it isn't too dangerous and there wasn't abandonment or neglect the youth will be sent back to their families.  If their family can not be found or there are other circumstances that make it unsafe to return them, a foster family is found for them in the States.  The process is actually long with a lot of different agencies being involved before they get to us.

The need for families is huge right now!!  If you know of anyone or you yourself may be interested you can look at Bethany's website for more information or contact me!

Here are some Questions I have been getting:

Are you CRAZY?
Pretty much!!  Yes, we do already have a busy household!  An 8 year old, 4 year old, and 3 year old take up a lot of time and effort!  Yes, there are days when I need a well deserved break and I can barely find extra time for myself, but we don't feel our family is done growing!  We have a beautiful home in a fabulous neighborhood in a fantastic school district with supportive family and friends.  It only makes sense to me to share all of this with others!  In my eyes it is a win win for our family.  My children get to know what it is like to grow up with siblings from a different culture.  They will learn first hand how to be sensitive and caring to people who aren't exactly like themselves.  We will all learn so much from each other!

Are you going to adopt them?
We wish we could, but no, we can not adopt the youth who will be in our home, but they will be our children and we will be their forever family. 

Why Refugee Foster Care and not Foster Care here?
We chose refugee foster care for a variety of reasons.  One is that we have ties to a country outside of the US already.  We try to incorporate some of that culture in our home and welcome others as well!  Another reason is that refugee foster care is a more permanent situation.  With foster care the goal is always to reunite the children with their birth families.  The parents have 12 months to follow a program that has been set up with them to work toward getting their children back.  At the end of the 12 months the children may or may not go back.  With having children already in our home we didn't think it was fair to have brothers and sisters coming and going.  Our children are a bit too young to fully grasp what that is all about.  With refugee youth they will be placed with us and stay with us until they can be on their own.  There is no uncertainty with that.

Will they have family back in their country?
Maybe.  They may have family in their country and they will be able to talk with them if they want to by phone!

How did they get here?
That question is just too big to answer!  There are many different ways they could have gotten into the refugee program.  I guess the thing to remember is that it is by no fault of theirs and we are happy they are now safe!

What are the questions you have for us??  I would love to answer them!!


  1. Soooo excited for you. We want to learn about the program...not sure we are ready yet but excited to hear about the program.

  2. Wow! You are an inspiration to us all.

  3. Erin, we have to set a time to get together! Let me know what questions you have about the program. I'm excited about it! There is a ton of support for you and the youth which is going to be so helpful!

  4. Amy - just wanted to say I've had fun reading your blog. Your family is on an amazing journey! Can't wait to read more :)


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