Mom of the Year moment???

So the rule in the house is that EVERYONE including Mommy must go potty before we get in the car.  -Can you already see where this is going??

Saturday afternoon just Lola and I were going to go to the store to pick out new dishes.  (We have what's left of the original set from 14 years ago that we got as shower gifts before getting married -so it is definitely time)  Daddy got Lola ready while I got in the car.  Lola and I stopped in one store, but didn't find what we wanted so we went to another store.  The rain that had been drenching us as we hurried through the packed parking lot turned into icy snow and it slowed us down- yes in April!!!

We got into the store, went up the escalator, and found the dishes.  I had just picked up a dish to look at the price tag when Lola said something.  I'll give you one guess! (you won't guess right though!)

"Mommy!  Something is happening right now!"

"What is it?"  I turned to look at her and saw she was doing a little dance.

"I'm going potty RIGHT NOW!"

Yup, she did a little dance, stopped, and peed right there in the middle of the store!  For Pete's sake we just got in the store and I had serious shopping to do! - yes that was my first thought...

Being the awesome mom I am, I took her to the nearest bathroom.  Of course she didn't have to go anymore and she was wet right down to her socks!  Awesome!  So I did what any other awesome mom would do.  I gave her a very concerned look and said, "Oh this is so super sad!  We have a lot of shopping to do and you are going to have wet pants.  They are going to get cold too - and those jeans you have on, well that is not going to feel good at all!  What a bummer!  Let's go!" 

She insisted I give her new pants so she would be dry, but shoot I don't carry extra clothes in my purse!  So I took her hand and we walked through the mall to the next store to look at dishes.  I didn't find what I wanted so we went back to the original store.  By this time her pants were cold and she wasn't happy about the situation.  Mission accomplished - well the teachable you better tell Mommy when you have to go potty and go before you get in the car mission was accomplished.  The original dish buying mission didn't quite happen as planned, but what ever really does when you take kids with you to shop???


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