Just Wait 5 Minutes and it will Change...

I'm not normally a "weather" talker unless I am really bored or a bit nervous, but today is an exception!  In Michigan you don't often see a day like today in April!  We hit a high of 85 today which is a new record last set 80 years ago!

We took full advantage of the day by cleaning out the garage and cars.  We got all of the summer toys out and the kids even wanted to run through sprinklers!  We didn't turn on the outside water quite yet so they rode their bikes back and forth on the sidewalk instead.

We fully enjoyed the day outside and the just the fact that I didn't have to wear socks or slippers on my freezing feet in the house is enough to keep me happy!  Now, if you know anything about Michigan weather, you will know that you only have to wait 5 minutes and it will change.  It is forecasted that tomorrow it will be back to normal - a high in the upper 40s! 


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