It's High School all over Again!

Today I took A and the two little ones to sign up for high school.  The staff were very receptive and kind which made the experience super easy!  There is a lot of paperwork and  things that I just don't understand or know about yet so that tripped me up, but the the staff just shrugged and said they would find the answers. (bless their hearts!)

After the paperwork, we took a tour of the school to go over exactly where each class was.  They were pretty close together and only down two hallways so I was relieved that A wouldn't get lost. (unless he is like me and then it could possibly happen)

I have to admit that I was super nervous and continue to be!  A took it all in stride, he was as calm as a cucumber while I was all nutso feeling!  He starts on Monday!

I guess all of the memories of getting turned around, not being able to open my locker, (for 4 years -honestly I never could get that stupid thing open!!) finding the right bus, and feeling out of place when I first went to a new school all came back to me!  If I thought it would be helpful I would go to his first day with him!  Don't worry I won't do that to him - well not for very long anyways....!

I watched all of the kids wondering how he would fit in and if they would be kind.  I wondered who his friends would be and how long it would take for him to make friends.  I also wondered how I am going to know what work he has to do in each class.  I feel like I am back in high school all over again!  I've heard about parents living through their kids, but isn't that supposed to be things like excelling at sports?????

...... ok so maybe A is more stressed then he lets on or maybe the little ones and I are just tiring him out - I looked over at the couch and he and the two little ones are all in a row watching TV, only he is fast asleep!


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