It's a Boy!

Yes, it is a boy - a 16 year old boy!  We found out yesterday afternoon that A, who was born in Guatemala, will be coming home on Wednesday this week!!  I will officially be a mom of a teenager!

We were able to talk with him over the phone yesterday -through an interpreter- which was pretty cool.  Everyone was nervous and excited, so I'm sure many of his questions weren't asked and I have a ton more going through my head now!  I could barely sleep last night and had dreams all in spanish - well broken spanish!  I find myself trying to interpret everything I am thinking and saying to the kids into spanish! (he doesn't speak any english)  I am so excited!  I can hardly stand it!! (can you tell???)

So yes, I have basically a day to prepare for his arrival and this day is already jammed packed with activities, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


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