It Works! Wednesday - The Opportunity of a Lifetime!

I love it when It Works! does this!! 

They have dropped the price to sign up as a distributor and have added things to your business builder kit that have never been in it before!

Sign up from now until April 30th and you will get 8 wraps which you can sell and make $200 from!  You will have a replicated web-site, catalogs, blitz cards (coupons), a folder, other promotional materials and forms, and a tape measure (my favorite!).  The price to sign up is only $99 (regularly $199 and you don't get all of the things I have listed above in the regular kit)
When you sign up 4 loyal customers in your first 30 days you will also get $100 in free product!  In addition, if you sign up distributors yourself and they get 2 customers in their first 30 days the company will give you $100 for each distributor that does that that you sign up!!

I can't help sharing this amazing deal!  I am now able to stay home with my kids and do the things that I need to and want to do for my family!  I have a ton of fun at parties, expos, and businesses meeting new people and helping them get healthy and I also make cash from selling wraps and facials as well as commissions from sales! 

My friend signed up at the same time that I did with It Works.  For the past 18 months she hasn't had any parties or done a thing with the company!  I don't think she has even opened emails from them!  Yet, each month she continues to get a check for at least $500!  There are not many companies out there that have such an amazing compensation plan that you can literally do nothing and make money!Why not try it out!  It's a great company with great products!!  You really have nothing to lose!! (except inches)  Book some parties and I will run them for you and give you all of the customers and cash from the wraps!  I even have all of the invites and start up materials that I will provide you!  It is soooo easy!!

I hope to hear from you soon so we can get started and you can pass on this amazing deal to your friends and family as well!  Who knows, you could build a huge team in just a month and be getting at least an extra $500 a month too!!!

Just go to the links on this blog to find out more or contact me directly!  I have teams all over the United States and we are open in Canada, Europe, and Australia!


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