It Works! Wednesday - Keeping it Moving..

Whether you are focusing on weight loss or becoming healthier, this next supplement is perfect for both purposes!

It's Regular is exactly what you may think it is!  It  keeps things moving through and out of your body in the way your body is supposed to work!  You need to think of your colon as your "toxic pathway".  Whatever your body doesn't want, or can't use goes into your colon to be disposed of.  If everything your body can't use or want just sits there then all of those toxins and bad things just seep right back into your cells!  Gross!  This is why you will feel sluggish, get headaches, acne, and all of the fun stuff I know you really look forward to!!! ;)

You can store up to 6 meals in your colon!  Get that stuff moving!  I have heard some people say you put three trains in and three trains should be coming out!  We know this is true for babies!  Adults should be going at least once a day.  If you aren't, there is something wrong!!

Take one pill before bedtime.  I have some people take up to three at night because the product is gentle and sometimes those who are really backed up need a bit more help!  I have never had stomach cramps, or any bad side effects.  In fact, it may take a few days for you to know it is working.  It's Regular will assist in you losing weight, getting rid of toxins, and feeling all around great!!


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