The First Day with a Teenager who doesn't speak my language - literally!

It is 8:15pm and even though I am fully aware that this is the honeymoon phase, things couldn't be better!  The little ones are in bed and the two older boys are outside playing basketball together.  I hear laughter and see huge smiles!  What a fantastic end to a wonderful day!

The two younger kids followed A around all day!  He was like a brand new toy!  They wanted to hold his hands in the parking lot at the store and fought to sit next to him on the couch!  They absolutely ADORE him!  The first thing Jackson said as he came through the door after school was to ask where A was!  I know the novelty of having an older brother will wear off sometime, but right now it couldn't be better!

A has been very considerate, has wonderful manners, and has been so helpful.  I haven't requested a thing of him and yet he carries bags, helps put on shoes, clears plates, and waits until everyone has been served before eating.

I have been thrilled to be able to speak Spanish with him.  I told him that he needs to correct me when I mess up so I can learn from him, but he is quiet so far and won't correct me.  In time I am sure he will.  At times I fumble around, but we haven't had a problem yet.  (of course it has only been one day!)  Being that adults and teenagers already seem to speak a different language from one another I wonder how actually speaking a different language will come into play!  So far I love it!


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