Disney - Day Four - Downtown Disney

I highly recommend taking at least one day off while visiting all of the parks.  Believe me you will need a breather!  We chose to take a Saturday to stay at the hotel, swim, and just hang out.  We found one of the high lights of the trip on journeys past the golf course!  The kids wanted to go down for a closer look, but Mom was nervous! 
Can you see the object of our fascination in the background?

Toward later afternoon we headed over to Downtown Disney.

Downtown Disney is a large area of restaurants and shops that are all within walking distance of each other.  You don't have to pay for parking or to enter the area.  You can find almost all of the Disney merchandise you want here so it may be a good idea to just come here to purchase something that tickles your fancy rather then carry it through the parks all day. However, there are items that are park specific so if you want something that has that giant Epcot ball on it you would be better off purchasing it in Epcot.

Although the largest Disney merchandise store is here you, will also find other non-Disney speciality shops that have bath products, legos, magnets, candy, Christmas decorations, cigars, sunglasses, and even Harley Davidson.  The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is also here.  This is a special place for little girls to be made into princesses!

There are a lot of things to entertain here as well.  The kids liked seeing "Nessie" which was made out of legos in the water and the riding on the carousel.  There is a movie theatre, Disney Quest, and live performances on a stage.

Feeding a dinosaur
Oh no!!  Watch out!

Inside T-Rex

This dinosaur must be friendly

The choices to eat are abundant in the area.  If you go on a Saturday night like we did you may want to plan for an early dinner to avoid a long wait.  We ate at the T-Rex restaurant.  We walked in at 4:45 ish and was seated right away even with our party of 7!  There are animated dinosaurs all over the restaurant which provide entertainment for everyone.  At certain times the restaurant gets darker and rumbles as an "asteroid" hits.  It wasn't scary for the children at all. 

It was here that we let the children pick out one thing to purchase and bring home.  By this time our oldest knew what he wanted so we had to look around a bit to find exactly what that was.  The two little ones were very overwhelmed with all of the choices!  One of the nice things about the shops is that many of them have actual toys out for the kids to play with.  We had a lot of fun playing with Mr. Potato Head!

In all, the day was fun and gave us a chance to regroup and re energize for the last leg of our trip!

Store employees gave the kids stickers - of course they go on your eyes!!


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