It has been one week today since we added a teenager to our household!  Of course things have changed a bit around here, but none for the worse and way more for him then for us!  He sure faces all of the changes like a trooper!  Like I told Ry; with any child you add or even a pet- there is an adjustment time and after you adjust you can't remember what life was like before!  We're working on it!

So, what are the changes we have experienced so far with a teenager from a different country becoming part of the family?  I am doing a bit more running around right now, but that won't be forever.  A didn't come with much clothes and the things he has aren't appropriate for Michigan weather.  So we have had to go find odds and ends to fill in the gaps in his wardrobe.  We did most of it on Saturday.   I hope he didn't say yes to things just because we pulled them out!  At first he stood back and just nodded his head for everything.  Later, after we coaxed him, he began to look on his own and pick out some things.  I told Ry I was stepping back to let him look, but really I was looking at clothes for myself - but honestly, how many times do I get to shop for myself without at least two kids hiding in racks, pushing each other, or hanging on my legs???

I also have been bringing and picking him from school.  I am still too nervous to put him on the bus.  Would he be able to find the right bus when they switch and would he know which stop to get off?  I speak English and have lived in the same house for almost 3 years and I don't know if I could find the right bus!!  It isn't the most ideal situation dropping him off in the morning and then putting Jackson on a bus and then bringing Lola to school, but it won't be forever.  I have to say that the best part of my week so far has been when we picked him up from school on Monday afternoon.  The little ones and I went inside the building to wait for him because I didn't think he would know our car. (and no I am not a mean mom to have him in school already - we are required to have him enrolled within 5 days of him being here!)  When I saw him come down the hall we stood up so he could see us.  As soon as he saw us the biggest smile lit up his face!  It was like the glow of a lightning bug - it just flashed on quickly and seemed that bright to me!  The little ones jumped up and down, called his name, and waved wildly! (no, I didn't do that with them - I know better then to embarrass a high schooler publicly that way- at least I'll wait until he feels more comfortable before I do that...)

Food has changed a bit as well.  We have way less leftovers each night and of course I have been doing my Betty Crocker impersonation so he has good quality food to eat every night.  Not sure how long that will last.  He has eaten everything I give him and seems to like most of it!

Another big thing that has changed is that I am speaking a lot of Spanish.  I'm sure I sound like a fumbling crazy person, but he is too polite to correct me even when I ask him to!  Because of this, everyone in the house is hearing a lot more Spanish and I find myself using common phrases with the kids in Spanish more often.  I guess that is good so everyone is learning, but I have to remember to say it all in English too so A can learn English!

He has fit in very nicely with our family.  He is very polite and considerate.  He cleans up after himself as well as others without being asked - so different from having to trick the other kids into doing things like that!  I am definitely using him as an example for the other kids!  "See what A is doing and I didn't even ask him to do it!"  The little ones adore him and don't want to let him out of their sight and he and Jackson are having a blast playing "big boy" things like Wii, basketball, computer games, and soccer together.  Last night I could hear the two older boys giggling like crazy while they played Wii.  Such a great sound!

I'm sure there will be more changes as we get his schooling all figured out as well.  Right now my goal is to go over basics in math and help him learn English as his homework each night.  I discovered pretty quickly that explaining quadratic equations and light refraction wasn't going to happen in Spanish or in English for that matter!  Oh to be a fly on our wall to watch myself during those times!!!!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs which is on a Shrek movie by the way.... Changes


  1. wow...your truly an angel! you are so patient and kind!
    So happy for your family!


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