All Skate!!

Do the sight of these bring back memories?

We used to have roller skating parties with our class when I was a kid.  That was the huge thing!  It was the social event of the year!  I specifically remember "Lady's Choice".  I remember the sound of that over the loud speaker made me nervous, but I don't remember if I ever went and grabbed onto a sweaty hand to skate around the rink!

Although, some of the songs have changed, the atmosphere has not!

We took the kids skating for the first time ever the other night!  I started off without the skates so I could walk the little ones around the rink. After being begged by Ryan and the kids, I put on skates only to find that I skate exactly the same way I did as a kid - unable to stop without running into a wall!  This is of no help to my children so what a sight we all were!

Jackson was tenative at first, but once he got over his initial fear he took off around the floor!  Lola voomed off on her own very quickly, but Tyce wanted a hand most of the night.  For having such an atheletic husband, I had no idea about his lack of skating abilities!  He looked like Mr. Roboto out there on the rink!  I think he fell more times then our son!  (I didn't fall, but I am no elegant skater!  Bouncing off of walls takes its toll!)

This was a boy scout outing

Take a close look at who is on the ground!

Here he goes!!!
 Through it all, we had fun and the kids want to go back again!  Maybe after Mommy and Daddy recover!!


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