Younger Men...

Yes.  I do enjoy attention.  I enjoy attention from pretty much anyone (well to a certain degree).  It always has baffled me how I can be getting attention and not really realize that is what is going on!  Most of the time if a guy is giving me the eye or flirting with me my husband (of all people) is the one to clue me in!

Doesn't it make you feel good when you get attention from the opposite sex, especially if they are a younger?  As I am now closer to my 40s then I am to my 20s that is always a nice complement.

While on vacation I was in the pool with my daughter.  I sat in the shallow watching her play with the fountains.  After about 10 minutes I finally clued in to the fact that a younger gentleman had been trying to get my attention the entire time.  He had been walking back and forth in front of me, making eye contact, and purposely playing his game with his friend so that they splashed me.  Hmm.. this should make me flattered right?  Nope.  Not so much.  The younger gentleman was three.  Not three years younger, but three years old!!!  Geez!  So this is my life now!  I can attract younger men, but they wear diapers!  Nice!


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