Precious Moment - or maybe not so much....

The other day my youngest fell asleep in the car. I took him out of the car and layed with him on the couch. It was so comforting to feel his chest go up and down, to feel his warm little body snuggle into mine. I was in heaven!

It had been a long time since I had taken the time to cuddle up with one of the crew! I felt all happy and content inside. As we snuggled in for a nap I felt warmth spread over me. It would have been nice if this "warmth" were because we were together on the couch. It started around my belly and spread quickly to my legs. It didn't stop either. It went on and on and on! He was peeing on me! My sweet little sleeping boy was peeing on me! And wow did he have to go!! I think he peed for a full two minutes!

Of course I did what any other good mother would do and squeezed my legs together praying the pee would not go on the couch! He slept right through it all and as my legs began to get cold he continued to sleep peacefully! My peaceful moment was gone, however.

When we did finally get up we both were walking like we had ridden a horse for two months as we waddled in our wet jeans! What a sight!

So take advantage of those little precious moments because they may not last that long!


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