Only 2 Bananas

Obviously there are somethings that I don't pay very close attention to in this world. When I am at the grocery store with small children there are MANY things I do not pay attention to!

So I tried a new way of shopping the other day. You order all of your groceries online and then go to the store between a certain time of your choosing, call from the parking lot, and wait while they load all of your groceries in the car! What convenience! It takes all of the screaming, stress, and impulse buying out of the grocery experience. I knew exactly how much I would have to pay for everything and I could browse prices easily to comparison shop!

Sounds pretty perfect doesn't it? The only thing is is that I had to go back to the store the next day. I found out the hard way that one of the things I don't even think about while I shop is how many pounds of fruit and produce I purchase. I came home with two bananas and 20 grapes! They were gone by the time we hit the front door!  So much for convience! 



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