Lady Bugs and Luck

Today I found a lady bug climbing on our bathroom mirror.  Lady bugs always remind me of luck.  In China a lady bug is a sign of good luck. 
I am a believer in luck and in fate, signs, and divine intervention.  In fact, my husband is always teasing me because I take many things that come into my path as "signs" about things in our life and what direction we are to be heading.

If you are rolling your eyes then tell me what this is?  When I went back to teaching part time I had a child placed in my room who was adopted from Guatemala.  This was at a time when we were in the middle of the process of adopting from Guatemala.  The family also was in the process of adopting their second child.  What are the chances that out of all of the teachers in the school I would be the one to be working with this family?  It doesn't stop there though!  On our visit trip to Guatemala we were in the airport and actually saw them!  They were there taking their child home!

What about this?  On Halloween in 2006 we received a call telling us that we were first on the list to adopt and there were many children waiting for a home so we could chose to have a boy or girl or what region we wanted the child to be from.  We had put on our application that we would take any healthy child so I didn't know how to respond to the question!  Of course this was a day when Ryan was impossible to get on the phone!  I couldn't consult him and everything would be at a stand still until I gave an answer.  I tried for hours to contact him! When the phone finally did ring it was our pastor calling saying that she was just thinking of me and wanted to say hi.  At the exact moment when I needed to be talked off of my ledge and to be reminded that I could pray for guidance - it came! (By the way, we decided to request the youngest child whether it was a boy or girl from any region.  God chose the most perfect girl for us!)

I could go on and on with one story after another, but I really wanted to tell you about what happened at my wrap party the other night.  Not only was it a blast and all of the girls lost a ton of inches, but I found out in the first 5 minutes that there was another reason I was there at that party!

As I walked in the host was holding the most adorable little round cheeked 9 month old.  As we chatted I found out that they were foster parents for two children.  The siblings had been with them for about a month.  They were fostering to adopt and she shared some of their story with me.

When I got home I told Ryan that I had gotten a "sign" that night!  Why did I consider this a "sign"?  We are in the middle of working to become licensed to be foster parents of youth who are refugees!  I have done so many wrap parties that I can not remember all of them and I have never been with a family who is fostering children except for the other night when we are smack dab in the middle of it all!  To me that is a "sign"!

I think God continues to put people and experiences in my path for specific reasons.  I think the other night He was just reaffirming our decision in how to continue to build our family.  I know I came home feeling very strongly about it!

So, whether you believe in luck, "signs", fate, or divine intervention; why not humor me and take a moment to pay attention to what God puts in your path.  You may be surprised by what messages you are being sent!


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