It's a Manic Monday - bomb threat!

I woke up this morning like any other Monday to the sounds of the kids demanding this and that. The day progressed normally until I went to drop Lola off for preschool. We pulled into the school parking lot only to find that we weren't allowed into the school!

The parking lot was fill with emergency vehicles and police.  I didn't really think much of their presence because there is always something going on at the school like presentations from community helpers.  I proceeded to unbuckle my son and another parent stopped to fill me in that this was no ordinary morning!

A threatening call had come into the elementary school which forced the police to investigate.  The children had all been bussed to the Intermediate School down the street. 

Now I know that these things are usually nothing.  When I was in high school we went through a time where we had a bomb threat every week.  They eventually found the threats were coming from within the school and who was behind them, but I never felt worried about them.  Today I felt like crying.  I knew my oldest was safe at a different school, but maybe just the the idea that someone would threaten MY innocent child was more then I could handle!

I went directly to the school to retrieve my son and our neighbor's children.  Until I saw my son I continued to have that panicked feeling.  Which logically seems unnecessary, but there it was hovering over me the entire time I waited to be cleared to pick up my son!  What kind of ignorant person would do something like this?  It definitely makes me angry to think about it!

I do have to say that school did an excellent job of keeping the children safe, calm, and controlled.  I am very impressed with their actions and safety precautions!

So now we are all home safe and sound just waiting to hear if and when school will be back on! :)


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