It Works! Wednesday - The Ultimate Slimming Body Applicator/Wrap

The Ultimate Body Applicator is what catches everyone's attention.  Who wouldn't stop and take a second look at something that tightens, tones, and firms where you put it and see results in just 45 minutes!!  I know it got my attention!

I was first introduced to the "wrap" by my neighbor.   My neighbor met a woman on an airplane who convinced her to host a "wrap" party.  To be completely honest with you, I didn't believe it would work.  The company had already been around for 8 years when I was introduced to it and was based out of my home town!  If something so awesome existed why hadn't I ever heard of it?

Of course I had to try it out and it wasn't expensive at all!  After wearing the wrap for 45 minutes each of the ladies walked out of the bathroom with huge smiles on their faces!  They had each lost 3 or more inches around their tummy within the 45 minutes!  I was hopeful, but still skeptical.  We had measured in three places before putting on the wrap and then we had sat and chatted for around 45 minutes munching on treats and drinking lots of water.

When our host remeasured me I had lost 1 1/2 inches.  I thought that perhaps she had pulled the tape measure too tight!  But, being the diligent person that I am, I went home and increased my water for the next three days.  On the third day I measured again and found I had lost an additional 6 inches!!!  My pants were loose and a few days later when I stepped on the scale I had lost weight!  I was a believer as was my husband!

Since then I had done more wraps and wrapped more people then I can count!  The wrap ALWAYS works!  It is truly amazing!

How it Works:
The ingredients are all natural and contain no parabens (parabens are preservatives).  They are safe enough to eat, although I wouldn't recommend it!  The ingredients have been shown to tighten, tone, and firm the outside of the skin while detoxing your insides.  Basically, the different ingredients work together and have the ability to go into the pores, break up the toxins in the fat cells, you eliminate the toxins, and your fat cells shrink.  You drink the water and continue to drink water to flush out the toxins.  (you pee them out)

How to Get the Best Results:
Since the ingredients go into your pores it is best to take a hot shower before applying the wrap.  The heat will open your pores.  Use liquid soap so your skin is clean and clear of any film from soap or lotions.  I have found the best results when I wrap saran wrap tightly around the wrap after rubbing out all of bubbles, wrinkles, and lines of the wrap on your body.  Peeling it down and rubbing in the ingredients on your skin and reapplying the wrap can also be helpful.

Wear the wrap for at least 45 minutes.  You can wear it as long as you like, but 45 minutes is the minimum.  Your skin may tingle, feel hot, or cold while you are wearing the wrap.  This is how you know it is working.  Some people even taste it on the tip of their tongue.  It smells a little like Vick's Vapor Rub.  You can do whatever you would like to do while you have the wrap on, except for sweat.  Sweat will block your pores and the ingredients will not absorb.

You will continue to lose inches for 72 hours so keep drinking water and keep measuring.  You can only do a wrap every 4 days which is how I would recommend you proceed to see the best results.  Only wrap one large area of your body at a time, but be symmetrical!  If you wrap a thigh, do both at the same time!  You can do a facial since it is made of different ingredients and a chin since it is smaller while you wrap one large body part.

Go to these links to see more about the wrap:
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