Home Visit #1 done and over!!!

The Social Worker came.  Here is how it went...

When she first walked in Lola wasn't feeling well and said a few grumpy words and hid under a blanket on the couch.  Tyce went with me to give her a tour of the house.  The first thing he told her was that he wanted to show her the "nakey man".  Oh my heavens!!  It's a good thing he told our neighbor all about a nakey man a few weeks earlier or I may have paniced!  He picked out The Hulk to show her.  Anyone that has any part of their body not covered by clothes is considered naked in his three year old eyes!  Whew- so far so good.

It was time for me to answer questions about my childhood and siblings.  You all got glowing reports by the way!  It did feel like deja-vu.  I was asked the same questions 5 years ago when we were preparing for Lola to come home!  Piece of cake!  When my time was up it was time to talk to the kids.  Lola had fallen asleep on the couch so we skipped over here.  Tyce had been hiding behind his hands yelling "Peek a Boo" while she tried to ask me questions the entire time.  When she finally went to talk to him however, he would only whisper about his hero toys and hide behind his hands.  So that was a bust as well.  Jackson came home and grudgingly came in the house to answer some questions.  She asked him what happened when he got in trouble - I held my breath and he told her "Mom gets mad and I have to go in time out or get something taken away."  Yeah!!

So that was it!  Now we have one more visit and it is Ryan's turn to talk!  I'm hoping he won't talk about "nakey men", hide under a blanket, or talk about me being mad!


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