The Grading Continues Even when I am Not the Student!!

Not once did it cross my mind that when I became a mother I would also have to become the most creative creature on the planet! I did not realize that I would feel I was in a competition with other parents when it came to school projects! I did not know my child would be judged by others based on my creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.

Well, learn from me all you mothers out there rocking your newborns. That cute little face will bring home countless projects and it is up to YOU to complete them! Sure you could involve your child in the process, but to be honest, it will only make more work for you!

Today I worked on making a car for my daughter. Her preschool class is having a "drive-in movie" day where they can sit in their cars and eat popcorn while watching a movie. Super cute idea - in theory... You can't tell me this at home project is for my 4 year old to participate in! She contributed on the color of the car, but she can't use razor blades and her attempt at helping with the duct tape almost cost her brother his eyebrows! *let me add a disclaimer here - I have been a preschool teacher so I know how hard it is to include parents in their education! I am just happy that the teachers picked only one large project for the year! :)

So who is this project really for? Is it for her to learn something? The only thing she is learning from Mommy right now is to stay out of my working zone and not to touch anything! She will enjoy the car for maybe 30 minutes while watching a movie and then most likely begin to slowly destroy what required me three days of thought and 7 days of assembly to create! (I'm guessing here since I am not done yet)

So I have to conclude that as a parent I will be the one graded on this cardboard car. How creative is the car? Does it have stand out detail to show ingenuity? Does it satisfy the requirements of a 4 year old eating popcorn (oh that just gave me an idea of putting a cup holder in the car!)? Not only will the teacher be grading me, but the other parents as well.

Am I reading into this? Probably not. You can bet I will be checking out each and every car against my own! Just one more requirement of motherhood no one told me about! Oh well, at least it keeps the adventure alive and the kids will have fun!

The start of our "drive-in car"!


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